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We focus on investing in high-potential Fintech startups at angel to pre-seed stages, with teams that ideally include great engineers, designers, product and business founders.

Investor FAQs

The Partners have been investing their own capital at Angel stages. The partners have made multiple investments with significant success, including multiple 10x+ returns. Our personal portfolio includes companies across many verticals, including FinTech, E-Commerce, and Reg-Tech.

The key things that excite us about companies in Africa include:

  • Large and growing markets, largely untapped.
  • Founding team of domain experts passionate about their mission and markets
  • Strong, defensible margins from revenue
  • Customer acquisition advantages
  • Capital efficiency and scalability
  • Strong network effects
  • Multiple potential paths to exit.

We are very early-stage investors, from Idea-Stage to Pre-seed.

Our model calls for a very hands-on approach to building companies, meaning that we will be heavily involved in helping portfolio companies build the right products and develop the right strategies to go to market.

We are actively building a community of advisors, founders and investors and we ensure that our companies can get value at every stage of growth.

Most importantly, we understand the goal of our entrepreneurs is to build a successful business, so we respect the balance between actively supporting our companies and staying out of their way.

Digitally Transformed Market: – Africa is among the fastest growing markets globally, with a young vibrant population and significant economic potential. Technology is especially prevalent, with an average 86% mobile penetration rate meaning the technologies of tomorrow are going to serve a very informed and ready population.

Education:- Democratization of quality education through technology has enabled populations that were previously locked out, to have access a level playing field. Computer science degrees can be acquired through e-learning courses available anywhere anytime. Africa has especially developed talent that is now building the continent and beyond that, exporting this talent across to other parts of the world. We do believe that the talent in Africa is amazing and back them to build great companies.

Data:- Data production continues to accelerate rapidly. Finding companies that will qualify, sort and develop these data into meaningful opportunities is an exciting opportunity.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:- Artificial Intelligence will help solve complex problems previously thought to be unsolvable, and these will result in multiple opportunities.

Our syndicate is open to a minimum ticket size of $5000. Contact us directly if you are interested in becoming an LP.

To join our syndicate, you are required to be an accredited investor. We require that you either have worked for, invested in or advised a startup.

Joining the Equator Invest LLC requires a desired minimum capital commitment and largely involves investment in our entire fund as opposed to the Syndicate that serves as an SPV for specific investments in specific companies.

About Equator Syndicate

Are you an ex-operator, tech professional or other high net worth individual interested in diversifying your portfolio and investing in high-growth tech startups looking to change the world? Thanks for joining us.

Investment Criteria: Our syndicate invests alongside our LPs and experienced VCs in breakthrough pre-seed and seed Fintech, Digital Infrastructure and Web 3.0 founders tackling financial services, e-commerce, software and Artificial Intelligence problems that have the opportunity to massively change our world.

NOTE: By applying to join our investor network, you are actively approaching us and by no means legally represents a solicitation of investment opportunities.

NOTE: Certain startup investment opportunities are only available for accredited investors (folks with net worth > $1M or yearly income of at least $200k).

Please note that due to regulatory compliance, we cannot accept any member who does not completely and accurately fill out this application form
Please note that due to regulatory compliance, we cannot accept any member who does not completely and accurately fill out this application form
Please note that due to regulatory compliance, we cannot accept any member who does not completely and accurately fill out this application form

Become an LP

We appreciate your interest in Equator Invest! We will be looking to learn about your company.

Please give us a maximum 2 weeks to look at your Deck and get back to you.

Kindly take note, that we do no invest in any businesses with a heavy focus on Hardware, Manufacturing, Fashion, Entertainment. We prefer to only invest in Africa (Primarily Eastern Africa but anywhere else within Africa is fine), SEA, Europe or Diaspora founders with a focus on the African continent and most importantly, we have a preference for Delaware C-corps.

What should I Include in my Pitch Deck:

It is helpful if you explicitly include quantitative pieces of data that clearly demonstrate traction:

  • Such as your overall user base 
  • Growth rate 
  • Monthly revenue run-rate and its growth rate. 
  • If you previously created successful companies or projects, do mention them as well.
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